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A walking puzzle for Halifax

Theatre artist Annie Valentina and web developer Isa Grant both love puzzles. With DISPATCH they take you on a walking game in Halifax to Sept 27.

DISPATCH is “real-time storytelling, delivered to you in an entertaining and interactive format,” says actor, playwright and director Valentina, in a press release.

A few years ago when she was in the United Kingdom friends introduced her to London’s Hidden City Hunt – a walking tour guided by encrypted SMS texts. It mixed sightseeing with puzzle-solving.

With DISPATCH you work with a series of texts to crack codes and discover “a cityscape you thought you knew,” says Valentina.

The game route is just under five km. It starts downtown and takes audiences through the city, ending in the North End.

DISPATCH is playable from any phone that can send and receive MMS. It is offered daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pay-What-You-Want tickets are from $5 to $15 and are available from Ticket Halifax: https://www.tickethalifax.com/events/108271764/dispatch

DISPATCH is part of the Halifax Fringe, which is still offering some shows including 4:48 Psychosis, by Sarah Kane, presented by Caravan Theatre Sept. 24 to 27 at the Dartmouth Commons. Kathy France directs Rebecca Wolfe and Margaret Muriel Legere in a “deep dive into issues of mental health and suicide” with discussion after each show.

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