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Broadway Boyz charm their audience

Broadway-Boyz-696x348Garry Williams, Patrick Maubert and Forbes MacQuarrie in DaPoPo Theatre’s Broadway Boyz at the Halifax Fringe. 

While not exactly as advertised, Broadway Boyz is an endearing, honest show about three queer men exploring their dreams of Broadway and what happened in reality.

The buzz around this show is due to its musically brilliant co-creator Garry Williams, who won the 2019 Merritt Award for original score for Kamp, and who wrote the original music for Shakespeare by the Sea’s mega-hit this summer,  The Wizard of Oz!

He co-creates Broadway Boyz as a new musical revue with Forbes MacQuarrie and Patrick Maubert, but it is clear from the outset this trio did not have enough time. In fact, they tell us so in an adorable, “aw-shucks” way that keeps people drawn to their storytelling regardless of lack of songs.

The casual and playful hour-long show is about growing up gay and the Broadway divas who called out to boys who were more drawn to musical theatre than football. It also explores how their parents – and the wider world – reacted.

Patrick’s story is most thoroughly and clearly told and his song about overcoming substance abuse is a show highlight musically and expressively.

It’s startling when he asks audience members to read recent statements about boys needing to bond with their fathers to be hetero-normal and when he tells the story of being ordered by his gay drama teacher in New York to act straight in order to get parts – “fists not wrists.”

Broadway Boyz, presented by DaPoPo Theatre, could be great if its creators had more time to flesh it out and polish it up. As it is, the show is charming, humourous and informative. It is on tonight (Sept. 6), 8:40 p.m., and Sunday, Sept. 8, 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 and $12. The show is PG-13; it would be life-affirming for young gay people to see  men who’ve come to terms with themselves and their struggles and are able to celebrate and settle into who they are..The 29th annual Fringe with over 50 shows wraps up this weekend. Tickets are via https://halifaxfringe.ca/


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